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Immerse yourself in the idyllic Croatian countryside at Tabitha’s Glass Emporium for a unique series of creative retreats designed to unlock your artistic potential through the exciting medium of glass.

2025 Creative Immersion Weeks at Tabitha’s Glass Emporium

In 2025, we invite you to dive into a world of creativity with our immersive glass-themed weeks. Challenge yourself to explore new dimensions of your artistic side amidst the serenity of nature and the dynamic craft of glass-making

Fused Glass & Creative Expansion Workshop - $1,495/£1,170/€1,370

17th – 24th May 2025

Enrich your creativity by joining us on this 6-day long glass extravaganza. Not only will we be making a number of different projects, we will also be engaging in other activities designed to shake up your creative process.

Projects could include:

– Custom murrine creation and pull – by our simplified process using Color for Earth enamels

– Underwater scenes with your own glass corals and sea plants

– Landscapes featuring your murrine

– A unique murrine mandala dish

– Fiber paper-casted words or shapes

– A reactive glass feather tealight holder

Festive Fused Glass & Creative Expansion Workshop - $1,495/£1,170/€1,370

15th – 22nd November 2025

Kickstart the festive season with 6 days of glass-making magic. Create a suite of festive-themed projects, including a 3D glass fireplace and bespoke ornaments, all while engaging in activities designed to spark your creativity.

Holiday projects:

– Custom murrine creation and pull – by our simplified process using Color for Earth enamels

– A 3D glass fireplace featuring an enamelled pet

– Unique festive ornaments

– A holiday-themed murrine mandala dish

– A festive tea-light

– Fiber paper-casted festive shapes, like “HoHoHo”

Amidst our glass crafting sessions, we’ll immerse ourselves in a series of optional activities crafted to push your boundaries and rejuvenate your spirit.

Embark on forest explorations, engage in the simple joy of sandcastle construction, revel in ocean swims, move to the rhythm of music, experiment with mark making, and find the beat with drumming sessions. Diving into unfamiliar experiences, especially those that nudge you out of your comfort zone, igniting a spark of creativity within.

Tabitha champions a lifestyle filled with positivity and gratitude. Through her practices of meditation, Pilates, and year-round ocean swims, she infuses this workshop with her philosophy and zeal.

Be prepared for moments of joy and tears, but above all, be ready to depart with a renewed sense of possibility.

Unblock Your Creativity - $1,075/£825/€985

11th – 18th October 2025

This week shifts the focus from glasswork to unlocking your creative potential. Daily, you’ll dive into diverse creative and wellness activities tailored to challenge, soothe, revitalize, and awaken every part of you.

Embracing a variety of creative expressions is often the key to unblocking creativity. Whether it’s mark making with natural objects found during a morning stroll, embarking on woodland quests, engaging in sand play therapy by building sandcastles, feeling the rhythm through drumming, moving freely with Pio dance, or flowing with your pen on paper, we’ll navigate through these explorations in a supportive and non-judgmental space.

Creative blocks often stem from the fear of not being good enough or the dread of failure. Venturing into new territories without the pressure to excel can liberate and fuel your creativity. The marks you make or the words you write need not be perfect. They are expressions of the moment, transient and free, meant to be experienced and then let go, allowing each new day to be a canvas for fresh experiences.

After six days enriched with sound baths, ocean dips, and immersing yourself in nature, we aim for you to leave feeling rejuvenated, emboldened, and ready to face whatever comes your way with a new perspective.

To cap off the week, you’ll step back into the studio for a final glass creation session. With minimal direction and a broad array of materials from Tabitha’s Glass Emporium at your disposal, you’ll craft a piece of glass art. This piece will serve as a tangible reminder of your journey—a symbol of how far you’ve ventured and transformed over the week.

What's Included

All prices cover materials, firings, course notes, a personal murrine pull, daily gourmet lunch, creative activities, excursions, one group dinner, and daily transport from the recommended hotel.


Stay at the stunning Hotel Balatura | Hotel Village Tribalj, with special rates for our participants. Enjoy convenient daily transport to the studio, ensuring a seamless experience.

Room rates for 2024 including breakfast

Room without Balcony  
2 People €840
1 Person €630

Room with Balcony  
2 People €1,120
1 Person €840

Getting Here

We are accessible from major airports including Zagreb, Rijeka, Pula, Zadar, Triest, and Ljubljana. Consider an optional Venice extension, including a guided tour of Murano Island, before joining us in Croatia, please let us know if you are interested in this option.


We recognize that some participants may wish to attend this course alongside partners who might not share the same enthusiasm for the glasswork component. Should there be sufficient demand, we are prepared to curate an engaging selection of activities for them. This includes excursions to the breathtaking Plitvice Lakes, the majestic Postojna Cave, the serene Brijuni Island, and the historic city of Pula.

Embrace this opportunity at Tabitha’s Glass Emporium to explore, create, and transform. Expect to laugh, cry, and leave with a renewed belief in the boundless possibilities of your creativity.

Disclaimer: Please note that none of these courses will cover the specific techniques Tabitha uses to create the unique murrine available for purchase in her online store.

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