Colours Jewellery Collection – Red Zebra


Red Zebra jewellery is part of our affordable colours collection, these beautiful peaces are made from a slab of different glasses fussed together and then cut into jewellery, casting many types of glass together give space between the separate parts letting light into the piece as a whole, giving them a wonderful translucency. We want to let everyone have an opportunity to purchase a unique piece of jewellery from Glass By Tabitha so we created this range using a simple technique and silver plated findings, giving us the opportunity to share our aspirational style at a very reasonable price.



Items can be ordered in alternative colours or shapes, please contact us for details.

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Drop Earrings 1, Pendant 1, Pendant 2, Pendant 3, Pendant 4, Pendant 5, Pendant 6, Pendant 7, Pendant 8, Ring 1, Stud Earrings 1


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