Lampwork – Butterflys – 96COE


These butterfly are made using lampwork, they are the perfect inclusion to add a bit of 3 dimensionality to your fusing. They are sold in a packages of 10 butterfly wings, 5 pairs.

They are all made to order, you can chose what basic colour you would like but if you want to be exact you can request a particular 96COE glass you like in that colour and if we have it in stock we are happy to do them in that colour, please be aware that our stock of 96COE glass is limited, but we want to help out as much as we can, unfortunately we can’t do any 96COE lampwork in purple or pink glass as we can’t get the glass at the moment.

We also offer variegated flower and these possibilities are endless, therefore please put 10 variegated – pink/white, or which ever variation you would like.

To keep our production cost low we only make them once a week on Mondays to be sent out after annealing on Tuesdays so please be aware of this possible delay when ordering, if ordered as part of a larger order we will hold all of it until they are ready to go.

The wings are about 3-3.5cm long. Please be aware that some striking glass may not have come to it’s full colour during flamework and the colour will change on tack fusing.

See YouTube Link on how to use these in a project –


Shipping info can be found here …

Give us a challenge of making a murrine you would like and if we get enough interest we will make it

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