Personalised Murrine

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Do you have exciting ideas for a glass project or other work and would like murrine specifically designed for you, then Glass by Tabitha is the right place to come.

We can talk though exactly what you are after and using our trade mark unique techniques we will pull a full pot of murrine for you. We only use terracotta pots from for all our murrine work and never use boron as a release.

The price of glass is NOT included in this, you can either send us the glass or use what we have in stock and you will be charged at cost plus an admin % to cover our shipping cost to receive the glass and handling. It’s impossible to put a cost of the glass here because it very much depends on what design and colours you want.

Depending on how you want the design some of our methods minimise the amount of wasted glass even with using  a round rather than square pot.

You will receive all the cane from the pull, cut in to convenient length to ship and to your specifications – the amount of cane depends on the set up of the pot and what size pot you choose, but can start from about 1200g for a 15cm pot to 1850g for a 17cm pot of useable cane. We can also send you all the hollow cane from the end of the pull to use as confetti and any glass left in the terracotta pot at the end will be sandblasted of to clear away any residue and can be used to make some great pendants, we can also cut it up on the tile saw to make it more user friendly for you. We can also send you any scrap glass left over from creating the pot, but you may not want this as it will increase the shipping cost.

We will not share the layup of the pot with your but will discuss the design and what the final out come you are looking for. We suggest that you contact us to discuss your needs before ordering.

The exact cost of shipping will be calculated and a PayPal invoice sent out for any additional costs before we ship the finished cane and accessory glass to you.

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Give us a challenge of making a murrine you would like and if we get enough interest we will make it


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