Vitrigraph Confetti / Frit – 90COE


This confetti frit is made from hollow cane pulled hollow at the end of a pull, which means you get some amazing patterns, it’s mixed thicknesses some thin like confetti and other bit’s more like frit, you may need to use a hammer and safety glasses to smash these into manageable bits. They are all 100% Bullseye 90COE and we are selling it in 50g or bags approximatly 1.8oz. 



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Give us a challenge of making a murrine you would like and if we get enough interest we will make it

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Black, Black & Red, Blue Peacock, Blue Stripe, Brown-Green Reaction, Bummblebee, French Vanilla & Aqua Blue, French Vanilla & Charcoal, French Vanilla Pinestripe, Green & Brown, Hippy Twisty, Landscape, Maragold & Teal, Midnight Sky, Multi-Coloured, Neo-Lavender & Yellow, Opaline, Orange, Orange & Blue, Pink Red Stripe, Plum Pudding & Custard, Prison Stripe, Pumpkin, Purple Dream, Rainbow Stripe, Red & Aventurine Green, Red & Robin's Egg, Red & Spring Green, Red & White, Red and Orange, Red Stripe, Red White Blue, Spring Green and Turquoise, Spring Sunshine, Sunset, Sunset Stripe, Union Jack, Winter Dichroic, Winter's Dawn, Blue Water, Brown, Coral Circus Mix, French Vanilla, Fresh Green, In the Pink, Lavender Field, Lush Autumn, Marigold Swirl, Midnight Blue, Monarch, Pale Pinstripe, Peaches and Cream, Rainbow, Rasberry Ripple, Rich Reds, Snow White, Sunshine Yellow


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