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I can’t get enough of everything connected to Tabitha’s Glass Emporium. I watch their YouTube videos everywhere and I get so excited when my notifications tell me they released a new video. I have learned so many new techniques, been inspired to create amazing projects, and grown tremendously as a Fuser from her videos. I love that in the videos Tabitha shows how to use both her 1st quality items as well as her “curious” line and she doesn’t just use her items.

The quality of TGE’s murrine and vitrograph is amazing (including the “curious” line) and I love all my purchases. TGE makes creative and unique murrine as well as simple ones, offering something for every style.  Shipping from Croatia (to the USA) is faster than you think and s/h costs are extremely fair. TGE’s team packages everything with care and stands behind their HIGH QUALITY products. I’m a Forever fan ~ Happy Fusing indeed!

Susan Hardy

I don’t remember how I discovered Tabitha’s Glass Emporium but I’m glad I did.  (My pocket book seems to differ with me!!).  Tabitha and her team are the most talented people in the world of glass.  I have learned so much from the You Tube videos that Tabitha makes.  The best part is being able to go back and re-watch them.  Anytime Tabitha and her team come up with a new product, it’s mostly in 90 COE glass.  Besides me, I’m sure she’s had others inquire whether she’ll be making the same item for the 96 COE glass creators.  It’s usually not so long after the first debut that the same item is available in 96 COE.  Tabitha and her team are open to ideas from her many customers/followers. The Facebook group has been a joy to be a part of. It’s fun to see the ways others use the products.
Thank you for the opportunity to create this (long) statement of testimony. Tabitha and her team are a joy.
P.S.  Tabitha and her team have had times where a purchase of sunflower murine or selling tickets for a chance to win an item are more about supporting the Ukrainian war or a charity than for sales. That’s a very heartwarming thing to do.

Dorothy Darroch

Customer for Life!!

I started glass fusing just after Covid Lockdown ended and joined some glass fusing sites.  One day i spotted a beautiful piece someone made with some gorgeous murine flowers and i asked the fuser where she got her pieces from.  She mentioned Tabitha’s Glass Emporium to me with a warning i would be like a kid in a candy store so prepare to have an emptier bank account!

She wasn’t wrong, i fell in love with all the amazing, colourful and detailed glass inclusions and started getting lots of inspiration for how I would use them in future designs.

£100 or so later (and I could have kept going) I waited eagerly for my glass to arrive.  Within approx. 2 weeks a little brown box arrived (a bit battered and bruised) and I will admit I did panic that the glass might be damaged, but once i opened it they were all in little brown boxes and perfect.

I felt like a kid at Christmas and i was so in love with all the little pieces, from flowers, to ladybugs, bumblebees, leaves, stringers, sheep, petals and birds, each box i opened bought a big smile to my face.  My husband has always called me his Magpie because i am drawn to pretty, shiny things and my magpie was in full swing.

I couldn’t wait to get in my small studio and experiment and when i opened the kiln i was so pleased with the results.

I was quickly visiting the site more often and soon discovered Tabitha had a Facebook page where she did little videos showing how to use her pieces in small projects.

I was hooked, she is such a lovely smiley lady and she shares lots of hints and tips and her videos are so easy to follow.

Tabitha and her whole team are just a joy and are always on hand to help with queries or questions about videos, orders and products.  The glass is always delivered perfectly intact and looks just like it does on the website/shop.

I am always asked about where i get the little inclusions in my pieces when I post on my FB or Instagram page and I am always happy to tell them and recommend Tabitha.

A big thank you to you and your wonderful team for inspiring all us glass fusers, and i am hope to come visit the studio if i ever make it to Croatia.

I have included some pics of pieces i have made using Tabitha’s Glass Emporium inclusions.

Sonia Edwards

Gloucestershire, UK

For me Tabitha’s Glass Emporium is the number one stop for all murrine products. I spend ages trying to decide from the huge range of beautiful flowers, fish, birds and more, available in both COE 90 and 96. The details and colours when fired are stunning, and I have received tons of comments from my pieces that contain the  murine.   Also the prices are very reasonable, even when you factor in the postage costs. I would not buy from anywhere else.  I also follow the brilliant video tutorials, and have attempted many of the pieces demonstrated by Tabitha, which very often have the templates provided as well.

Sue Laity

I am writing to say a huge thank you to Tabitha and team. I was fortunate enough to find Tabithas poppy murrine and YouTube video very early in my glass fusing experimentation. I have since gained so much information by following the wonderfully creative videos that are freely shared, and have seen the growth of murrine offered, never standing still, always striving for the next shape, colour, range. An amazing team with customer service second to none. Thank you!

On a side note I am also very grateful for the strawberry platter video which gave me the inspiration I needed to open the kiln again, first time in 10 months. Thanks Tabitha

Best wishes for your continued success.

Joy Wignall

Greetings from Canada! 

It’s like Christmas every time a package comes from TGE!

Treasuring the new products and the possibilities they bring really gets my creative juices flowing. The videos showing some of the ways to use new products are a great help. Thanks to the whole Tabitha team for all that you do! Quick delivery, items well packaged and a continued commitment to quality, fun products keep me coming back!


Fay Puddicombe

Langley, British Columbia, Canada

I have been purchasing items from TGE for quite a number of years and I can honestly say I have never been disappointed.

From start to finish and beyond, the customer service is fabulous. The team have also been great at engaging with the people who love their products and no question goes unanswered.

As for the products.  I’m blown away by the creativity and skills that Tabitha and her team have. The murrine is second to none and I absolutely love enhancing my own ideas and art with their fabulous pieces.

I actually counted every piece of my murrine to work out individual prices for projects and its such good value for money! The quality is brilliant, well packaged when it’s sent and every delivery is like Christmas.

Being able to learn from Tabitha is also such an amazing thing for a company to offer.  Watching Tabitha show you how to use products and her making project tutorials makes you feel a connection with the company. Tabitha and her team are super relatable and one day I’m taking a road trip from the UK so I can come and have a workshop and meet the team!

Thank you all for what you do.

Corrine Thorne

Glass Artist

What can I say? I have sent requests for different designs especially in float which I understand can be very trying. Any enquiry is always answered swiftly in a very professional manner. You should commend yourself on how much your business has grown and how much joy you bring us glassy people. You are selfless and generous with your videos that you share for free for everyone to watch and learn from. My items always arrive quickly are expertly packed and the quality is of the highest standard. You are a very clever lady and are very lucky to have such an amazing team. Every time one of your boxes arrive It makes me happy and I smile. It can’t be easy juggling your business whilst being Mum to two beautiful girls. Thank you for what you make and what you do. X

Leisa Nixon

I simply am addicted to Tabitha’s! I have purchased murrini from many sources in my glass journey of over 20 years and have never been happier with a supplier. Her glass is beautiful and always exactly what is shown online. Customer service is beyond amazing- fast response and always polite! They even reached out before shipping an order once to verify I wanted COE96 (I accidentally ordered some – I’m a Bullseye Glass only user)! They recommended a replacement and shipped my order complete, saving me money and time.

There are no words to describe how thrilled I am when I receive an order – little labeled cardboard boxes filled with precious jewels! Like a kid in a candy shop – my imagination stirs and I can’t wait to use it!

Plus Tabitha provides free YouTube tutorials of projects that encourage my creativity!

Thanks to Tabitha and her team!

Teresa K

When a box arrives from Tabitha’s Glass Emporium – it is like Christmas in whatever month 

The items are all packed beautifully and as you open each little brown packet – inspiration pours out!

The variety and quality are excellent, customer service is great and the videos that Tabitha puts out freely keep my glass mojo going.

Kate Wright


I have used Tabitha’s glass creations for many years, even before she escaped to sunnier climbs in Croatia. Over the years these amazing pieces have become even more fabulous and you have to look at them with great restraint but build your collection up (meaning me). There is such a variety with new ideas coming out. I love how Tabitha shares her ideas for us to try, all of which is a variation on what has been done. Here’s to more inventive glass murrine to be developed.


Jane Hopper

After suffering a “medical event” years ago, I was forced to retire. I had fused with a microwave kiln, but found it limiting. Then I found Tabitha.  My first experience was with her poppies and I was hooked. Not only did I fall in love with the beautiful murrine, but also her love for glass was contagious. Now 2 kilns later and numerous consignment orders, I still look forward to, and watch every video. Tabitha’s ease at teaching, love for color, and encouraging personality make it a joy to learn. Tabitha and her amazing staff make beautiful products!   Thanks for everything!

Elizabeth Checklenis

Each purchase I have made from Tabithas Glass Emporium has been more and better than expected.   It does take some time for items to arrive at my home, and I am confident that I get more mail from Croatia than anyone else on my block.   But when it arrives, it is always like opening a wonderful present from my past self.  No matter how beat up the exterior box may have become in its travels, the interior packaging does a great job of protecting the contents.   

There have been a couple of times when I ordered something that they found to be out of stock when the order was filled-but communication has been prompt and I was offered multiple options to rectify the issue.  The customer service in those cases was impeccable. 

I have pieces I can’t wait to use, and ones that are so pretty that I have to wait for the “perfect” project to use.    But every one of them has been a great value, and a lovely addition to my art work.     

Lynn Van Eperen

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