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Tabitha has an amazing team who help keep the whole place working, the business thrives due to this fabulous group of women.

“Team atmosphere is paramount to running a happy place of work, I believe in mutual respect and staff welfare.” – Tabitha

Tabitha – nickname Tab

Tab is the brainchild behind Tabitha’s Glass Emporium, she considers it her 3rd child and is passionate about running a business that works for all its stakeholders.

Tabitha finds joy in laughter, swimming, and amazing food.

Coral – nickname Coz

Coz is our Senior Manager, she runs the whole operation, multi tasking between different departments, and is our customer point of contact. Coz is the only other employee who hails from the UK.

Coral has a wicked sense of humor and apparently makes the best coffee.

Ana – nickname Janice

Janice is our accounting administrator; she cooks the books and makes sure that all our paperwork is in order.

She loves her French Bulldog – Stig and American Stafford Terrier – Mila and has a wonderful sense of fun.

Tina – nickname Tini

Tini is our marketing manager; she helps create the YouTube videos and is the genius behind the camera and our wonderful enamels artist.

Tini loves Christmas, art and her kids, Oliver and Juraj.


Ivana is our marketing assistant and newest member of our team; she works energetically to bring new products to the website, taking beautiful photographs and updating our social media feed.

Her interests are reading, hiking, movies and photography.



Mila works in our marketing department, helping make YouTube videos, mailouts and overseeing workshops. She is currently on maternity leave with her 2nd child.

Mila loves spending time with her two kids and her dogs.

Antonia / Tonka – nickname Tonka

Tonka is our studio manager, she manages the orders team as well as the production side of the studio. She always has a smile and keeps the studio running efficiently.

Tonka loves asparagus and mushroom picking, being in the woods and by the ocean.

Jasmina – nickname Jazzy

Jazzy is the lady of 96COE murrine, working tirelessly and laughingly to process all the 96COE orders; she is our in-house ambassador for all things 96COE, pushing for new products for her loyal customers.

Jazzy loves nature, food and fun.

Eva – nickname Eval

Eval works in our orders department; she manages all the float orders, some lampwork and creating the luscious wafers we all love to use.

She enjoys swimming in the sea, travelling and not eating chicken.

Božena – nickname Božica

Božica works in our orders department, consistently getting our 90COE orders out to our customers.

Božica loves the summer, the sea, walking and croissants.

Emily – nickname Pinđin

Pinđin works in the orders department and has the job of going to the post office every day to help dispatch your orders.

Her passions are mange comics, sleeping and animals.

Jasmina – nickname Štrumpfeta – Croatian name for Smurfette

Štrumpfeta is the manager of the stacking department and creator of lampwork products –making the pots of glass for murrine, working closely with Tabitha and her team to create new products.

In her spare time, she loves being creative as well as singing and playing the harmonica.

Valentina – nickname Sendvič

Sendvič works in our stacking department – she has an eye for detail and is our star at making complicated patterns and designs.

Valentina is a lover of rock music, polymer clay and yoga.

Marina – nickname Mare

Mare works in our stacking department. She has adapted and picked up the job so quickly we forget she has not been working here long.

Marina is a lover of nature, being in the woods or by the sea.

Martina – nickname Martinez

Martinez is the manager of the pulling department.

She works tirelessly every day, processing the hot and cold glass to bring the products to our orders department.

Martina loves her son, spending time in nature and working in the garden.

Danijela – nick name Olive (Popeye'’s Olive Oil)

Olive mainly works in the pulling department, pulling murrine, XL and Stringers daily, but she is one of our flexible workers, who are amazing and will jump in and help with orders when needed.

Olive’s passion is being on the sea with friends and family, sailing their boat.

Romina – nick name Candy

Candy works in the pulling department, pulling and processing, murrine, XL, Stringers and her favorite, Candy Mix – where her nick name comes from.

Candy loves her sons Lucia and Tomislav, walking and cooking.

Murrine glass by Tabitha's Glass Emporium

Coco - the studio Dog

Coco is TGE’s team mascot; she is the soppiest dog around and spends her time going from employee to employee, convincing them she is under-appreciated and needs food and love.

Her interests are butt sniffing, long walks and jumping on beds when she is wet and muddy.