Oceanside Glass - 96COE - Starter kits

Tabitha’s Glass Emporium offers a seamless online shopping experience, allowing customers to easily purchase Oceanside Glass – 90COE – Starter Glass packs.

These packs feature a delightful assortment of Tabitha’s Glass Emporium products, catering to beginners and seasoned glass artists alike.

By bringing together Oceanside Glass and Tabitha’s Glass Emporium, these packs provide everything needed to kickstart captivating fused glass projects.

From vibrant hues to versatile textures, the mixed range of products ensures endless creative possibilities for customers eager to delve into the world of fused glass art.

With just a few clicks, you can access the essential materials to ignite your imagination and embark on your journey to crafting remarkable fused glass masterpieces.

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Showing all 5 results