Bullseye Glass - 90COE - Cane, Hippy Twisty and Landscape Lines

Tabitha’s Glass Emporium crafts its cane through the time-honored vitrigraph technique, employing only  Bullseye Glass  90COE compatibility.

This process involves carefully placing pieces of glass within a terracotta flower pot, which has a round hole in it’s base. This is placed in a small kiln fixed to a wall or a stand at an elevated height, the kiln also featuring a round hole at its bottom.

The glass is heated slowly overnight transforming slowly to state of molten fluidity by morning.

This state enables the glass to flow or be ‘pulled’ out through the kiln’s aperture, while it is pulled it is twisted, either by hand or using a drill forming canes with a twisted pattern running down the length of them.

These are laid flat in fusing glass or other projects, showing the twisting pattern.

Our collection encompasses a wide variety, comprising:

  • Sophisticated latticinio-style cane
  • Our own branded and adaptable hippy twisty cane
  • Affordable surprise twisty cane
  • Distinctive braided cane
  • Playful flat twisty cane
  • Adaptable and unique Landscape Lines

Explore the extensive collection of exquisite glass offerings, tailored for a wide spectrum of creative applications such as glass fusing, stained glass, and mosaic projects.

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Showing 1–12 of 20 results