Oceanside Glass - 96COE - Pattern Bar and Nuggets

Oceanside glass pattern bars and nuggets are a remarkable fusion of precision and creativity in the world of glass art.

These bars are meticulously handcrafted, combining various opal and transparent colors  of glass into captivating designs. Each pattern bar is a miniaturized masterpiece, showcasing intricate patterns that emerge when the bars are sliced and incorporated into glass projects.

Artists and craftsmen treasure these pattern bars for their ability to infuse depth and complexity into their creations, whether it’s in the form of jewelry, landscapes, or decorative pieces.

Oceanside glass pattern bars stand as a testament to the fusion of artistic vision and technical expertise in the realm of glass craftsmanship.

Explore the extensive collection of exquisite glass offerings, tailored for a wide spectrum of creative applications such as glass fusing, glass blowing, stained glass, and mosaic projects.

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Showing all 8 results