Oceanside Glass - 96COE - Stringers and Buds

Tabitha’s Glass Emporium is a renowned glass manufacturer, produces exquisite vitrigraph stringers used in glass artistry, made from Oceanside Glass.

These stringers and buds are meticulously hand pulled giving them an organic feeling which can help elevates fused glass projects.

Oceanside Glass’s vitrigraph stringers enable artists to add intricate details, fine lines, and delicate textures to their creations, enhancing the overall visual impact of their glass pieces.

At Tabitha’s Glass Emporium we have the largest range of colors and variety of Oceanside Glass vitrigraph stringers.

Whether used in stained glass windows, glass blowing, fused glass or mosaic art projects, these stringers provide artists with a versatile tool to achieve stunning and unique effects.

At Tabitha’s Glass Emporium we maintains a reputation for quality and innovation, making our vitrigraph stringers a popular choice among glass artists seeking to elevate their craftsmanship

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Showing all 11 results