Oceanside Glass - 96COE - Basic Murrine

Tabitha’s Glass Emporium crafts its basic murrine through the time-honored vitrigraph technique, employing only premium Oceanside Glass with a 90COE compatibility.

This process involves carefully layering circular pieces of diverse hued glass within a terracotta flower pot, which has a round hole in it’s base. This is placed in a small kiln size to just fit the pot which is fixed to a wall or a stand at an elevated height, the kiln also featuring a round hole at its bottom.

The glass is heated slowly overnight transforming slowly to state of molten fluidity by morning. This state enables the glass to flow or be ‘pulled’ out through the kiln’s aperture, forming elongated rods of glass known as canes. The cross-sectional view of these canes reveals intricate patterns, reminiscent of the technique employed in the creation of confectionery treats.

In the case of our basic murrine, this meticulous procedure unveils a captivating design characterized by concentric circles. Our offerings extend to a range of options, encompassing single-color variations as well as more intricate multicolored assortments. Regardless of choice, each variant remains a pragmatic and enjoyable selection for any creative endeavor.

It is worth noting that these basic murrine creations bear a more accessible production process compared to our intricately designed murrine pieces. Consequently, they offer a cost-effective alternative while harnessing the exceptional qualities intrinsic to Oceanside Glass.

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Showing all 5 results