Bullseye Glass - 90COE - Scrap and Confetti

At Tabitha’s Glass Emporium, we actively contribute to environmental sustainability by employing various measures. These range from utilizing packaging materials that are recycled, biodegradable, or reusable, to our commitment to extensive recycling practices.

Our dedication to quality control is unwavering. While certain components of our glass creations may not entirely meet our stringent standards, if the glass remains compatible, we opt to offer these items to our customers at reduced prices rather than discarding them into landfills.

In the course of our Bullseye Glass production procedures, we generate scrap glass through various stages. This includes remnants from the initial and final portions of each cane during the pulling process, glass that could potentially experience thermal shock, subpar slices that don’t meet our quality criteria after cutting, and even the hollow canes produced towards the end of the pulls. While we categorize all these materials as scrap glass, our extensive experience has shown us that they hold tremendous potential for crafting remarkable items.

The possibilities with our scrap glass are diverse:

  1. Crafting Fiber Paper Casting using our unique candy mix.
  2. Creating Pressed Glass utilizing the scrap from our Vitrigraph process.
  3. Fashioning a vibrant platter by incorporating the surprise twisty cane from our scrap.
  4. Designing jewelry pieces through the use of our confetti-style scrap.

These innovative applications demonstrate how even what might be considered waste can be transformed into valuable and captivating products.

These are all 100% Bullseye Glass.

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Showing all 6 results