Our workshops are a great opportunity to spend time with friends and family, and make something unique.

In our studio you will have an opportunity to create a souvenir of your stay in Croatia.

Why buy a souvenir when you can create your own, one-of-the-kind keepsake.

We welcome adults and children to our workshop to come and make a piece of fused glass for themselves. All the children have to be under the adult supervision.

Please book at least 1 day in advance and be aware that you will have to come back to pick up your piece 24-48h later, depending on what you are creating or you can pay extra for the shipping and we will ship your project to your home address.

For more information read the descriptions of individual workshops.

To book a workshop:

Call: 0038551242718


Come to the studio: Drivenik 7a, Drivenik, from 9AM till 15PM

We Offer The Following Workshops

Christmas Tree

€15 – 100 kuna – Come and make a fused glass Christmas Tree Decoration. This is a quick 15 minutes workshop perfect for little kids, but adults are welcome to do it too. In this workshop you will decorate one precut Christmas Tree or Christmas Wreath (approximately 10cm high and 12cm wide at base) with a selection of our murrine and stringers. Ready for pickup in 24 hours.

Fridge Magnets

€10 – 70,50 Kuna – Create your one, unique fridge magnets in this 15 minutes long workshop.  You can create a perfect holiday souvenir using our beautiful range of murrine. Ready to pick up in 24 hours.

Small House Decoration

€10 – 70,50 Kuna – If you want a special home glass decoration that you created on your own this 15 minutes workshop is perfect for you. Piece is approximately 5cm x 5 cm big. Ready to pick up in 24 hours.

Basic Flower Meadow

€20 – 151 Kuna – This is a children’s workshop, but adults are welcome too. This is a fun filled 30-45 minutes for children to let their creative side shine. In this work shop we provide pre-fused pieces which means there are no sharp edges, so our participants can create an abstract panel, or whatever else takes their youthful fancy likes, safely. As there is no risk of cuts during this course participants can be as young as 4 years old, but parental discretion and supervision is required.  Dimension of the piece is 12×8 cm. Ready to pick up in 24 hours.


€60 – 451 Kuna – In one hour  you can come and make a jewellery set (pendant, earrings and a ring, or any combination of the 3) using a range of our beautiful glass. Ready for pickup in 24 hours.


€45 – 338 Kuna – Using a waterjet cut shape of a fish you get to decorate it however you want, to make a one-off item to hang in your house or garden, great fun for all the family. Ready to pick up in 24 hours


€45 – 338 Kuna – In this fun one and a half long workshop you will create a set of 2 coasters. We will show you our examples, but you will then be free to design and create your own set of coasters using our beautiful products. Ready to pick up in 24 hours.

Small Lantern

€49,50 – 372 Kuna –This is a perfect workshop for all those that love to decorate their homes with unique items, and you cannot go more unique than creating your own lantern in one hour. In this workshop you will create 4 separate glass panels that will then be inserted into a lantern in your color choice (depends on availability). We will lead you through the process of creating the panels using our various products, so you create the object you will proudly display in your home. Ready to pick up in 24 hours.

Wildflower Meadow

€60 – 451 Kuna without mount or frame . Under the careful guidance of Tabitha or her team you will get to make a beautiful flower meadow (approximately 13cm x 20cm), using powders, frits and murrine, to make these colourful artworks in one hour and a half. Ready to pick up in 24 hours.


€45 – 338 Kuna – In this  one hour long workshop you will create a beautiful candle holder. It is a 2-step process where you first create a flat piece of glass that you can decorate in colors and design of your choosing, using our products. After this piece of glass has been fused in the kiln, we will then drape your creation, meaning it will be allowed to relax over a stand, so it will end up having an organic feel that cannot be replicated. Ready to pick up in 48 hours.

Fishbowl Decoration

€30- 226 Kuna – Come and make a fish bowl Decoration, approximately 9cm x 11,5cm, using our big range of tropical fishes as well as other corals to make a one-off item crafted by you. Ready to pick up in 24 hours.