Bullseye Glass - 90COE - Wafers

Experience the wonder of our Bullseye Glass Murrine wafers, skillfully created from XL murrine and meticulously pressed to achieve a delicate translucence, making them a perfect enhancement for any creative endeavor.

Distinctively handcrafted, these wafers boast a substantial size of approximately 3cm/1 inch, while their pressed composition lends an elegant, softly blurred effect to the design, adding a touch of sophistication.

Murrine wafers are an essential element in glass art, enabling artists to incorporate intricate designs and precise details into their creations, such as paperweights, fused glass landscapes, and decorative glass objects.

Bullseye glass, known for its high-quality and compatibility, ensures that these murrine wafers can be seamlessly fused with other glass pieces in the kiln without the risk of cracking or incompatibility.

The use of bullseye glass murrine wafers offers glass artists a versatile medium for expressing their creativity and producing visually stunning works that showcase both technical skill and artistic imagination. They can be used in fused glass, mosaic and stain glass projects.

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