“Let’s push the boundaries of what vitrigraph murrine means”
Tabitha’s Glass Emporium we have a motto – “give it a go” – and by experimenting we have the widest,
most innovative vitrigraph murrine available in the world and we are still discovering new ideas and expanding our range all the time.

Tabitha’s Glass Emporium is a fused glass studio based in Drivenik, Croatia. Here we design and handcraft a multitude of glass inclusions for use by other glass artists in their work, including – murrine, twisty cane, pattern bars, stringers, wafers, and much more. Items are available in Bullseye 90COE, Oceanside 96COE and Float Compatible.

All products are crafted to the highest standard under the careful eye of inspirational designer and crafts woman Tabitha Burrill. Tabitha is also the pioneer of a unique process to make intricate vitrigraph murrine which are available for sale here including bespoke murrine by request.