Bullseye Glass - 90COE - Starburst and Vortex

Tabitha’s Glass Emporium not only showcases an unparalleled array of Bullseye Glass starburst murrine for sale, but also takes pride in pioneering our own uniquely branded vortex murrine. These murrine are renowned for their stunning appearance in both full fuse and tack fuse applications.

Delve into our extensive collection of exquisite glass offerings, designed to cater to a wide spectrum of creative applications, including glass fusing, stained glass, and mosaic projects.

Our skilled craftsmanship meticulously shapes each product, utilizing the unparalleled quality of 100% Bullseye Glass with a 90COE compatibility.

At Tabitha’s Glass Emporium, we boast our commitment to curating a diverse selection of top-tier glass items, all available at unparalleled prices.

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Showing all 7 results