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Join us in our commitment to environmental responsibility because there is no alternative to a sustainable planet.

At Tabitha’s Glass Emporium, we are firmly committed to environmental stewardship because there’s no Planet B.

We make conscientious efforts to care for the environment in various ways:

Sustainable Packaging: We prioritise sourcing our packaging materials as locally as possible, using undyed, recycled or recyclable products whenever available

Biodegradable Bags: Our bags for stringers are biodegradable, ensuring an eco-friendlier choice.

Green Future: In 2024, as we move to a new location that we will own, we’re dedicated to incorporating green systems. These initiatives include utilising rainwater, installing solar panels, and harnessing heat from our kilns to minimise our environmental footprint.

Recycling Initiative: We encourage you to recycle, reuse, and repurpose any packaging materials we use when shipping our products to you.

Reduced Waste: In our vitrigraph murrine production process, there is some waste that doesn’t meet our stringent quality standards. Rather than sending these items to landfill, we offer them to our customers at discounted prices. This approach not only provides you with great deals but also contributes to our collective effort to protect the planet.