Murrine – Float Glass – Green Leaf

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From our float glass murrine collection, green leaves are perfect for your landscape glass creations. Suitable for tack fuse only.

This TACK FUSE only scrap cane and frit are crafted from hollow cane produced at the end of the murrine pulling process. Using a unique process created by Tabitha Burrill at Tabitha’s Glass Emporium we can now make these detail murrine patterns reminiscent of millefiori at a very affordable price.

All made with Float Compatible Glass. They can be purchased in 50g bags.

As with all murrine made using a vitrigraph kiln, you will getting slices from different part of the whole pull.

From experienced professionals to hobbyists, this product caters to all.

Please be aware that our supply of these remarkable murrine is limited, so seize the opportunity while it lasts.

Due to variations in screen displays, the color may appear different in person than what you see on your specific display.

Lovingly handmade in Croatia.

Shipping info can be found here ...

Give us a challenge of making a murrine you would like and if we get enough interest we will make ite


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