Murrine – Mixed Size – Desert Anemone – 96COE

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Desert Anemone Mixed Sizes murrine made from Oceanside Glass 96COE are allowing you to infuse your glass art with the colors and allure of underwater life.

Dive into our exclusive selection glass murrine fish and other tropical sea murrine.

We take great pride in showcasing our exceptional collection, a testament to the remarkable diversity we offer. Moreover our dedication shines through as we present a distinctive opportunity for enthusiasts to embark on their aquatic-themed fused glass, mosaic, or stained glass ventures, all destined to outshine the competition.

Employing an innovative and undisclosed technique, exclusively utilizing Oceanside Glass, 96 COE, we fashion these murrine that challenge the boundaries of imagination. These perfectly formed miniature murrine glass pieces defy conventional understanding, a testament to our avant-garde approach.

Furthermore the XL murrine in this mix are exceptionally thick, necessitating precision cutting with a fine diamond bladed tile saw. To enhance their final appearance, we recommend lightly dusting them with clear powder before firing.

Maintaining consistent availability, these stock items are readily accessible for global shipping, with rates that remain exceptionally reasonable.

Keep in mind that our murrine slices are drawn from various parts of the pull, resulting in unique pieces. Some may feature less pattern, which is how we keep our prices competitive and uphold our commitment to minimizing waste and environmental impact at TGE. Join us in making a positive contribution to our planet while creating something extraordinary from every aspect of the pull.

Product Details

  • Available in slices measuring approximately 2-6mm, in either 50g or 2oz bags of murrine slices
  • For optimal shape retention, avoid firing above 730°C-740°C or 1345-1365°F.
  • Murrine - mixed sizes contains a mix of XL, large, standard and mini

These can be used in:

  • Fused Glass
  • Mosaic
  • Stained Glass
  • Glass Blowing
  • From experienced professionals to hobbyists, this product caters to all.
  • The photograph showcases an unfired 50g sample.
  • Due to variations in screen displays, the color may appear different in person than what you see on your specific display.

Lovingly handmade in Croatia.

Shipping info can be found here ...

Give us a challenge of making a murrine you would like and if we get enough interest we will make it


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