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Project Kits – 4 Poppy Coasters – 90COE

 30.00 Price Excl. TAX

  • USD: $ 34.50
  • GBP: £ 25.80
  • AUD: $ 45.00
  • CAD: $ 42.00

Exclusive set for crafting 4 fused glass bullseye glass coaters, all you need to add is a kiln.

Create stunning fused glass projects with Bullseye Glass Fused Glass Project Kits.

These kits provide everything necessary to craft exquisite one-of-a-kind glass creations, requiring only a kiln to bring them to life.

Elevate your artistic endeavors and explore the world of fused glass artistry effortlessly.

Unleash your creativity and transform glass into captivating masterpieces with Bullseye Glass Project Kits.

Experience the joy of crafting unique fused glass items while mastering the art of kiln-fired brilliance.

In our beautifully crafted project kits, you will get EVERYTHING you need to make the project in the photo, from small amounts of powder or metal hooks we will send it all, with our firing schedule and a link to where you can see a video of how to make the item. These are great for people starting out in glass and who don't have so many supplies yet and want everything they need to make a project. They are also the perfect present to give a glass enthusiast all they will need is a glass fusing kiln to put it together.

Each Coaster measures 10cm x 10cm, you get enough glass to make 4

Shipping info can be found here ...

Give us a challenge of making a murrine you would like and if we get enough interest we will make it


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