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Starter Kit – Basic – Bullseye Glass – 90COE

 17.85 Price Excl. TAX

  • USD: $ 20.53
  • GBP: £ 15.35
  • AUD: $ 26.78
  • CAD: $ 24.99

In this Basic Bullseye Glass starter kit you will receive 40g of Mixed coloured murrine. This is nearly 1.5oz.

Starter Kits are the perfect solutions for anyone starting out in fusing and as a first purchase from Tabitha’s Glass Emporium. 100% Bullseye Glass

In this Basic Bullseye Glass kit you will receive – 40g of Mixed coloured murrine this is nearly 1.5oz

  • 5g – 1/5oz – Red Murrine Mix
  • 5g – 1/5oz – Orange Murrine Mix
  • 5g – 1/5oz – Yellow Murrine Mix
  • 5g – 1/5oz –  Green Murrine Mix
  • 5g – 1/5oz – Blue Murrine Mix
  • 5g – 1/5oz – Indigo Murrine Mix
  • 5g – 1/5oz – Violet/Purple Murrine Mix
  • 5g – 1/5oz – Pink Murrine Mix

Please note the photo is an approximation of what you will receive the exact murrine in the murrine mix will vary. If there is particular items you want to receive please put a note in the comments at checkout and we will do our best.

Lovingly handmade in Croatia.

Shipping info can be found here ...

Give us a challenge of making a murrine you would like and if we get enough interest we will make it


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