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Tabitha’s relationship with fused glass extends beyond a hobby; it’s a defining aspect of her life

Nurturing Deep Connections With Glass

Tabitha’s exploration of glassmaking is marked by continuous learning and mastery of various techniques. From the mesmerizing process of making vitrigraph murrine to understanding the unique chemistry of Bullseye glass, she has immersed herself in this expressive medium, contributing a distinctive range of work.

An Innovator And Trendsetter In Vitrigraph Murrine

With an eye for experimentation and innovation, Tabitha sees glass as a versatile canvas. She pushes the boundaries of traditional methods, exploring how different glass reacts with each other. This curiosity has positioned her as a thought leader in the field, creating murrine glass pieces that inspire and challenge the artistic community. Tabitha’s trendsetting designs include floral murrine, fish and under-the-sea murrine, plus many more unique creations. Where will this go next?

A Genuine Love For Sharing Knowledge

Tabitha’s passion for murrine glass doesn’t stop at creation; it extends into a genuine love for sharing knowledge and curiosity. Through her YouTube channel and community building, she opens the doors to a world of discovery, where the intricate art of glass becomes accessible and exciting for everyone.

Abundant Enthusiasm

Whether you’re a seasoned artist or a newcomer eager to learn, Tabitha’s approach to teaching offers a blend of technical skills, creative encouragement, and hands-on experience. Her enthusiasm for fused glass art is contagious, turning each lesson into an explorative journey where you not only learn the craft but also experience the joy of turning raw materials into something beautiful.


A Welcoming Experience

Tabitha’s approachable and genuine nature is reflected in her art and interactions. She encourages you to explore her work, engage with her process, and appreciate the possibilities of glass. Whether you’re an artist or someone who appreciates craftsmanship, you’ll find inspiration and a sense of community at Tabitha’s Glass Emporium.


Connection To Croatia

Tabitha’s love for Croatia parallels her appreciation for glass. Inspired by its stunning landscapes and rich cultural heritage, Croatia has become a source of creativity and contentment in her life and work. It’s an exciting destination with many possibilities for future workshops and fused glass retreats.

Interested In Learning More About Fused Glass Art?

Tabitha’s expertise and passion for glass make her an engaging speaker for interviews, podcasts, or panel discussions. Her insight into the craft can add a unique perspective to your event or show.

Get in touch to invite Tabitha to speak and share her love for glass artistry with your audience.