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Did you know that Tabitha’s Glass Emporium is based in Croatia, we are in the beautiful coastal area near Rijeka of Vinodol Valley.

Croatia is the most beautiful country to visit, full of rich culture and history, amazing weather and clean air, and spectacular scenery, where do you think we get all our inspiration from?

If you want a holiday to the best European destination around, why not come to Croatia and check us out in person?

Here are some fun facts about Croatia you might not know;

    • Croatia has more than 1,200 islands
    • More than 10% of the land in Croatia is made up of nature parks and reserves!
    • The Pula Arena in Pula, Croatia is the only remaining Roman amphitheater in the world to maintain its four side towers
    • The tie and fountain pen were invented in Croatia
    • Wine is made in Croatia thanks to the Greeks’ influence from two and a half thousand years ago. There are 41,188 winemakers and vineyards covering 20,885 hectares of land in Croatia
    • Dubrovnik was the main film location for King’s Landing in the popular HBO show Game of Thrones

The Climate

Croatians enjoy a continental climate with hot summers and cold winters. In fact, with around 2,700 hours of sunshine a year, Croatians enjoy almost as many hours of sunshine as Sydney, Australia. We have over 1,700km of coastline and hundreds of beaches so it’s an amazing destination if you love the sun. We also have beautiful mountains and national parks, and snow in winter for skiing. I’ve even heard, on a warm early spring day you can ski in the morning and then go for an ice dip in the sea in the afternoon, why not come and give it a try?

We also have some of the best air quality around, scoring 74 out of 99 in our cities, let alone the clean air of our countryside.


The History

Croatia has a rich history dating back to the Roman Empire. When travelling around Croatia you are surrounded by this history, even from the TGE Studio we look out our window at Drivenik Castle one of the many Frankopan Castles you can visit in our local area.

Wherever you travel in Croatia you can visit extraordinary buildings and places. From the Arena in Pula to Saint James Cathedral in Sibenik, the first all-stone building in Europe, you can find gems everywhere. But it’s best to come and visit for yourself to see some of the amazing places on offer.


Croatians have a strong attachment to their culture. Most places have a unique traditional dress of the area and a cultural society which works to help maintain these garments and keep the traditions of the area alive as well as passing them on to the next generation. TGE are proud to have helped support the Cultural Society in Bribir, doing their part to support this important part of Croatian life.