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How can I become a wholesale customer?

On the website, built into the price of our large, normal and mini murrine, is a discount of 15% on 100g / 4oz and  20% on  200g / 8oz.  We offer larger discounts for purchases over 500g /18oz of a single product, price on request.

Discounts on 500g / 18oz of a single product are not automatically available on our website. When you’re ready to place your order, you can contact us at with which products you want over 500g / 18oz , including their weights and whether you prefer them in slices or cane form, please include your address and phone number.

Once we receive your list, we’ll promptly prepare the products and send you an invoice including shipping costs.

Can I buy directly from your shop in Drivenik, Croatia?

Unfortunately, we can not sell our online products, such as murrine, stringers and accessories from our shop in Croatia. There is no way for us to give you access to the products in our workshop to see them, so picking what you want from our shelves is not possible, therefore all orders would still need to be made on the website to see what you would like.

Additionally, if we sell to you in Croatia, you’re subject to Croatian VAT (Tax) 25%, which can be costlier compared to ordering online and paying for shipping.

However we do welcome you to come in and see us, we have an extensive range of beautiful fused glass art, souvenirs and other items ready to purchase from our shop as well as running an exciting range of workshops.

Can I add to an order I've placed?

To make our operation run as smoothly as possible and to make sure it’s fair to everyone, getting orders shipped in turn and as quickly as possible, we are unable to let people add to their orders.

For more details please visit order changes.

Can I create an account?

After your first order is made you can add a password to create an account.

Can I save items in my basket for later?

Yes, items should normally stay in your basket when you come back later unless they are one of our products which are not stock items, if we sell out of them in the mean time they will be removed from your basket.

Do I pay VAT on my order?

If you are living in the EU and are not registered as a company you will pay VAT at the rate of the country your order is being shipped to.

If you are outside the EU you will not pay Croatian VAT which is on our website at 25%.

Once you put a shipping country into your address at checkout the correct VAT will be calculated on your basket.

Will I pay import duties?

We do not prepay any import duties on orders, you are therefore liable for these yourselves. However, many countries have a threshold for import charges, and if you keep your orders below this amount you will not have to pay additional charges.

However, it is your responsibility to inform yourself of what this threshold is, which will include the cost of shipping.

How much will it cost to deliver my order and how long will it take?

For full information on delivery, please take a look at shipping information.

How is my order shipped and can I track it?

We have various shipping options, standard and EMS are shipped through the national postal services, so for US it will be delivered by USPS and UK by Royal Mail.

Once your order is shipped we will send you a tracking number and you can can track your order on your national shipping service website.

However, please be aware that this will not update until they log the package into their system, once it is received in your country of delivery. This can take some time, particularly at peak times of the year when the postal services are busy.

For DPD and FedEx, you will also receive a tracking number and be able to track it as normal.

Do you offer any coupon codes or discount vouchers?

On our website, built into the price of our large, normal and mini murrine, is a discount of 15% on 100g / 4oz and  20% on  200g / 8oz.

This means we have the most competitive prices around and want to keep them low which is why we don’t offer additional discounts or coupons on regular orders.

However, at regular intervals throughout the year we have free shipping and other sales, please sign up to our newsletter for more information.

How can I pay for my order?

We accept payment via debit or credit card or via Paypal.

We can also accept bank transfers but it is worth noting that goods cannot be dispatched until we have received the payment and all bank charges must be borne by the purchaser.

What is the difference between Cane and Slices?

Cane is how the murrine comes out of the kiln and will need to be sliced to reveal its cross-section pattern before us, this can be hard and many find it is tough on their hands to do this, plus some of our shapes are much harder to slice than others and you will get some waste glass from the process of cutting them.

Slices are already cut canes and ready to use, they are more expensive as we have sliced them and discarded any broken slices.

What do you recommend to cut murrine cane?

We use mosaic glass cutters to cut all our cane as this gives us the best results and is the easiest to use, we turn the wheels regularly to keep them sharp.  It has small, replaceable wheels that allow for precise cutting of individual murrine slices.

Should I be careful as to what murrine I order?

Yes, please make sure you know which glass you use and only order murrine of that type, Bullseye 90COE, Oceanside 96COE or Float glass, you must not mix glass types when firing glass together, if you are unsure please contact us and we would be happy to help

Can you mix 90COE, 96COE and Float in a project?

Mixing glass with different COEs can lead to stress and cracking in glass, destroying your project.

COE is a crucial factor in glass compatibility. It measures how much a glass expands and contracts with changes in temperature. Glasses with different COE values expand and contract at different rates.

Do you have any recommended firing temperatures?

Firing temperatures are very kiln dependent, some kilns fire hotter than others, but for our shape murrine if you want to keep their defined shape, we advise not firing them over 740°C / 1365°F, however we have some kilns we do not fire over 730°C / 1345°F, so please know your kiln, fire lower and check as you can always refire hotter but you can never get the shape back once they have gone too hot.

We have some available firing schedules, but these are only a guide, please adjust them for your kiln.

Why are the XL not shiny?

The XL are pulled very large, between 10-25mm, and they are put straight into an annealing kiln until the following day.

The only way to cut them is on a very fine diamond blade tile saw.

This is why the surface of them is dull when you receive them, you can wet them to see how they will look once fired and we suggest putting a fine layer of clear powder over them to bring up their shine during the firing process.

Do you make products to order?

Yes, we can make products to order, from signature murrine with your initials in them, to a murrine you particularly want.

For some, you would need to either buy the whole pull or a large amount to make it viable to produce. We can also make pattern bars or other products in particular colors you like.

For more details contact us.

What are your opening hours?

We are open Monday to Friday 7:30am – 3:30pm CET.
Outside normal operating hours and at weekends, workshops can be arranged by appointment.

Do you offer any workshops?

Yes, we have a number of workshops available, these are to make one item and last between ½ hour to 2 hours, depending on the workshop. Please check out our workshops page for more information. 

I am having problems logging in?

If you have any issues logging in please try the reset password option and if this doesn’t work then contact us at and we will reset your password.

Who do I contact?

We have a number of different departments depending on your enquiry.

About an existing order –

About an order you want to make –

General enquiries/information –

A new murrine you would like us to make –

Social media or PR questions –