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Moon Cup

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Unique murrine glass vessel – Moon Cup

Tabitha's Glass Emporium offers an exquisite murrine drop vessel titled - Moon Cup. This unique creation was meticulously crafted, with no two pieces are alike due to the distinctiveness of each individual cane segment.

The creation of a murrine object involves a carefully orchestrated 3 to 4 step procedure, which may encounter challenges along the way.

The initial phase encompasses heating glass within a compact kiln positioned at an elevated level. Subsequently, the molten glass is extracted in the form of canes from beneath the kiln. These canes are then precision-cut into uniform lengths before being meticulously arranged on their ends and fused together. The resultant assembly undergoes many kiln sessions to attain its final, desired form. The process generally involves four definitive stages,

This murrine vessel can be ordered in alternative colours or shapes, please contact us for details.

Lovingly handmade in Croatia.

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